Learnable users got offers from

We've had 90% interview success rate, all during the pandemic.

"The behavioral interview prep session was very helpful. I went into the actual interview very confident feeling prepared based on the feedback. The Learnable coach helped me calm my nerves and prepare my stories to maximize the delivery using the STAR approach. This has been my best attempt so far at Google and I owe my success to Learnable. Whatever the result may be, i felt I gave it better than what I would have done without the assistance."

Adil Fulara
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer - Google offer

"Sometimes job search feels so lonely, but doesn't have to be. I had an amazing meeting with the Learnable coach. She helped me improve my resume and LinkedIn page. She embraced all my concerns without hesitation. The main challenge for me was to rewrite my work experience as an "achiever" instead of a "doer". And it's a crucial way to get attention from recruiters.
It was so effective her review. I got a job at Philips as Test Analyst in exactly 3 weeks after our meeting. I'm so grateful! Thank you Learnable!!!"

Karla Justen
Test Analyst at Philips

"Thanks again for helping me review and improve my resume. I was able to get multiple interviews and offers after our meetings. Just wanted to give you an update that I have accepted an offer from Apple for an ICT3 software engineering position."

Jerry Ye
Software Engineer at Apple

"The Learnable Coding Interview session uncovered some blind spots in my interviewing skills which I'm thankful for. I left feeling more aware of what I specifically needed to improve on thanks to the feedback I received."

Imoni McCorvey
Software Engineer at Amazon

"I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I realized I was four months unemployed with no offers or interviews in sight. I was applying to jobs and not landing interviews. That's when I reached out to talk through my resume with the Learnable coach. She transformed my resume, helped me narrow down what was missing and incorporated it in a way that would tell a story. She identified keywords that I had omitted and suggested I remove what would be considered irrelevant by the reader. Her feedback was meaningful and impactful. It would be an understatement to say that I went from sounding "blah" to "wow" after getting her input. I'm happy to share that I received a job offer within just a few weeks! I can't thank Learnable enough and highly recommend others to turn to Learnable if they're looking to advance themselves in their careers!"

Yasemin Aksoy
Product Manager at NBC Sports

"Initially, I was skeptical about how much progress I could get done with a career coach. Other career coaches would only spend 15 minutes with me at most. I was blown away by Learnable coach's keen sense of what skills recruiters and hiring managers are looking for and how each aspect of the job search process requires clear, systematic thinking over your skillset, strengths, and personal career journey. She was able to explicitly go through my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile in detail. I'm amazed at how dedicated Lirida is to her mission of helping job seekers get a step up in the job game."

Julie Khov
Fullstack Developer - Lambda School

"We all spend so much time cramming for technical interviews, solving problems (many of them!) and often forget one of the most important aspects of interviewing - explaining our thought process clearly to the interviewer. The Learnable sessions drastically helped improve my delivery and gave my interviewing skills the necessary structure needed to succeed."

Jose Maldonado
Software Engineering at Facebook

"The practice coding interview with Learnable was both a pleasant experience and a pure goldmine of guidance and feedback.  Learnable coach provided clear insights on my interview/coding skills with concrete suggestions for approaching the coding interview, resources to prepare, what to expect, how to allocate time during the interview and the typical expectations for my target companies.  Very grateful for this resource!"

Software Engineering Manager

"I had a very engaging and productive session with the Learnable coach. She is patient, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. Her expertise and advice is backed by extensive research and many years of experience in industry. She helped me review my resume line-by-line while imparting key takeaways and examining finer details. Using an interactive approach, the coach helped guide me by asking questions about my role and its impact. We worked together to synthesize concise and effective clauses to deliver that message. For something that could be anxiety-inducing, she conducted the session in a way that made me feel at ease. The session didn't feel rushed or strained. Instead, it was conversational, relaxed, and enjoyable. Her practical advice on optimizing the resume and LinkedIn profile to align with what happens behind-the-scenes when it comes to the recruiting process was highly informative and eye-opening. I left the session energized and motivated to transform how I'm represented on paper."

Lauren He
Data Analyst at JUUL Labs

"I graduated from a bootcamp having heard all the basics about how to write a good resume, how to connect to people, and how to prep for interviews. That said, I felt the Learnable coach brought technical experience that I didn't get from my bootcamp HR experience. I really appreciated how the coach discussed with me what roles I'm the best fit for. There are differences between full stack and general SWE that I wasn't even aware of, and she also told me about additional roles that would fit me that I didn't even know about. Additionally, Lirida shared great resources about how to prepare for interviews and how to reach out to people. She encouraged me to be direct in asking for referrals, which I appreciate. I also found her feedback on my resume to be very helpful. Ultimately, whatever feedback or advice she gave, she was happy to explain WHY it's important. That gave me a better picture of the industry and the game that is job searching."

Jessica Bainbridge-Smith
Software Engineer - Hack Reactor