Who's Hiring Right Now

June 2, 2021
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Lirida Kercelli

Here is an updating list of companies and startups (mainly in the U.S.) that are still hiring.

Companies Hiring Now

The following sites are tracking in real-time the companies still hiring. Sign up to get updates from them:

  1. Levels.fyi
  2. Coda.io
  3. Candor.co
  4. Stillhiring.io
  5. AngelList
  6. Y Combinator Startups
  7. Remotive.io
  8. Remotetechjobs.com
  9. HackerNews' list
  10. TeamBlind's list
  11. Getro.org
  12. Startups hiring now
  13. 500 Companies hiring students on Handshake
  14. Layoffs.fyi is a good place to track what roles have been most affected by layoffs.

The following sites are tracking companies hiring women and minorities. Sign up to get updates from them:

  1. Elpha: add your info to their Talent Directory to be shared with hundreds of top employers
  2. Hire Tech Ladies
  3. PowerToFly
  4. The Mom Project
  5. Women 2.0
  6. Women in Machine Learning & Data Science

Image by Amanda Fawcett
It goes without saying that FAANG will always be hiring, however in a reduced capacity. To make yourself a more competitive applicant, preparation is essential.
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